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And so it begins...

Welcome!  After some months of moving, unpacking, organizing, planning, etc., etc., etc.!, construction is finally beginning on the new home theater - Home Theater 2!  I'm also finishing the rest of the basement at the same time, so that's taken a lot of time upfront, since I needed the large open space of the home theater to frame the walls on the floor before lifting them into place.  So, the bathroom in the basement is now built and functional (first priority!) and all the framing outside of the home theater is done. 

Since I knew I was putting in a home theater, I was able to make some provisions in the construction of the house - like 10 foot ceilings in the basement!  The area of this one will be about 15 by 25.  I already have an SVS PB2+ sub, and I have the projector, a SharpVision XVZ12000 - the latest DLP, with the HD2+ chip.  Can't wait to see it fired up.  I'll be driving it with a Samsung OTA HDTV receiver and a Denon DVD-5900 dvd player, both with DVI out, shown on a Stewart Firehawk 9 foot wide motorized masking screen.

So, on to the the beginning, there was a hole...


In that shot, you're looking at the HT area in the center, toward the screen.  Below, here's a shot when the basement was done...


More later...



First there's the little matter of materials...


So all of this had to get down to the basement (some of the drywall is for the rest of the basement, incidentally...).  Thankfully, I had a lot of great friends that were willing to help carry this stuff downstairs!  And here it is after the "drywall carrying party"...




The shot above shows the 16' TJI's that I'll be using for the floating ceiling...they JUST barely fit down the stairs - and only because I cut the stair walls back...(I had done it a while ago, it was always part of the design plan).


So, I know I'll need more 2x4's...hopefully only about 50 more.  And here are the guys that made this all possible...a very big thank you to all of you!!

I'm going to name you all here!  But, if anyone objects, please let me, thanks to (front row, l-r) Rishad, Doug, Jeff, and my son Michael (always helpful!)...and (second row, l-r) Ken, Fred, Dallas, Todd (yes, THE Todd!), Scott, me, Alaric, Kevin, and DK...couldn't have done it without you guys!

More later...



And finally, on to the framing...


In case you're wondering, the walls are short here so the TJI's can go on top of them, without touching the ceiling above...yes, I'll be using a floating ceiling again in this HT, just with TJI's instead of LVL's (the TJI's being much lighter and 1/3 the price!).


So, in the picture above you see most of the front half of the HT is framed, including where I had to frame around and insulate the drain pipe from the second floor bath.


And here's a shot above the HT TJI's, showing the gap between them and the existing floor joists.  Since I had a good amount of headroom, I decided it would be easier to insulate if I just ran them perpendicular to the existing joists.  There was also some plumbing in the way which prevented me from tucking them up between the existing ones (despite my best efforts with the plumber to keep things out of the way!  He did work with me on moving that drain pipe, though).


And here's how things look at the moment...

More later!