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The Chronicle of our Home Theaters


Framing is done.  First shot shows the entrance, including the wood clamps at the top, on the steel i-beam.  The second shows a closeup of that wood clamp.  Third is the wall bracing I used to support the inner walls, and last shot shows the rear of the HT.







Insulation is least for the wall and ceiling.  The rear platform will have to be insulated, but that's later.  The shots below show the front of the HT (screen end), the rear of the HT, and then the entrance, from the outside.






Well, the drywall is all up - both layers, and all of the drywall in the rest of the basement!  Yay!  The HT contains 1/2" over 5/8", of course, on all walls and the ceiling, with all seams overlapping, all glued and screwed.

The first shot today is there just to duplicate a shot shown in the construction of the last home theater - look at the old pics for the comparison shot!  Thanks again, Todd, for all your help!

The next shot shows the drywall lift in action - very handy tool!  Then we see the view of the front of the HT, and the rear. 

Finally, the screen has arrived!  Also, that's the SVS PB-2+ subwoofer behind it.  And...I guess the large signs on the box that say "DO NOT DROP" and "KEEP DRY" were not big enough, since the delivery people (I should say GUY, since they only sent ONE for this large box!) didn't see any problem with walking ON the box - before it got delivered to me!