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The Chronicle of our Home Theaters


Mudding is almost complete (thanks AL!  Things are looking good!)...and now the stage and rear platform are going in.  First shot shows the stage at the front, including the side angles of the front proscenium.  Second shot shows a little closer shot of one side.  Third, the rear platform, currently 11.5 inches tall, with 2 inches of plywood it'll end up being 13.5 inches tall.






Work in progress on the rear platform, and I also got the hdtv antennas up in the attic.  (They were 2 for the price of 1, so I figured I'd just put both up and aim them in different directions.)


First shot shows the detail of how I built the steps.  There are 2 sets of steps so that one set will be behind the seats.  This allows someone at the far end of the row to exit out the back without disturbing the other patrons (like making them put their feet down off the footrests!)



Second shot shows the attennas. 



Next, the platform is wired and insulated.  Note the step lights.  There are 2 outlets for the motorized recliners and one in the middle for the remote.  The black cables in the middle (in plastic) are xbox controller extension cables; the box will sit in the equipment closet.  Finally, the 2 black plates are the speaker connections for the bass shakers for the front row.



Here we're looking at the stage with some sand in it.  Decided to let what's there dry out before adding more sand.  The plastic will get trimmed back later so that the first layer of plywood can be glued to the joists.



Here's a shot of the finished platform - notice that you can no longer see the step lights.



Close-up of the three layers of plywood on the platform (3/4", 1/2", 3/4"), separated by 30lb felt, the bass shaker connection, and a power outlet.



And finally for today, a view of the entire platform.  Total height is 13.5 inches.