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The Chronicle of our Home Theaters


Working on the sand to fill the stage.  I asked about "dry" sand, but I guess they didn't know what that what I got delivered was kind of wet...


Here is where I had to lay out the sand to dry, used leftover drywall to help pull the moisture from the sand. I laid out 2 50lb bags per sheet of drywall.  You can already see the difference in color due to the sand drying on the middle sheet.  I also put finger holes all over in the sand to increase the surface area and thus speed the drying process.



And here's the sand they should have delivered to me!  Notice it says "dried" on the bag...made it a lot easier.



And the stage is all filled and the plastic is trimmed - 40 bags, for a total of 1 ton of sand!



And the stage is complete!  3 layers of plywood here just like the platform.  Thanks to Dallas for giving me his leftover 30lb tar paper so I didn't have to buy a whole roll to finish this!



Finally, here's Al, Todd's father-in-law - here to do the mudding!



Work progresses on the stage...


Here's the display case, for the star wars lego models and/or movie trinkets.



And here's the screen wall.



Then I wanted to test fit the screen frame, to make sure everything was okay...and Todd decided to jump at the chance to appear on (in) the big screen!  So, the opening here inside the black frame is going to be the size of the picture, 5 feet tall by 9 feet wide.



Finally, here's the proscenium!  The cutouts are for the right and left main speakers.  I decided to put a couple of lights up behind the screen in case I ever need to get back there to do anything, that's why you may have seen the light on the right side hanging down in previous shots, that circuit was hot so I kept the light wired up to it during construction, until now when I got the final wiring done on the 2 lights, and added a switch.




The center channel shelf is now in, and the shelves for the mains are in also.  First shot shows the hanging center channel shelf, and also the vertical parts of the soffits are in.  Second shot shows the detail of the right/left speaker shelves.