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The Chronicle of our Home Theaters


Work continues, slowly!  The doors are on, and the hush box and the rest of the vertical part of the soffits are up.  All pre-wiring (speakers, lights, etc.), except the video, is done, but not pictured here.  Next it's time to paint!





Painting has begun...first, the primer coat.  I still don't understand why they can't tint it any darker than this??  First, the front view.  Everything you see primed will be painted black.  Everything else behind the proscenium and screen wall will be covered with the equivalent of insulshield.  Excuse the dust in the air, that the camera picked up!  Second shot shows the rear of the HT.





The ceiling is painted!  Bottoms of the soffits are up.  Third picture shows the 114 furring strips that I had to cut from 2x4's!  These will be used on the walls and soffits for attaching the fabric around the wall treatments.






Columns are up, still need furring strips on them.  What you're looking at in the first shot is the back of the column with the grafik eye in it, showing all of the wiring.





Furring strips are done!  And, the carpet installers are coming to measure next week, with installation scheduled for July 16th!  So, next comes the acoustic treatments, the "linacoustic" equivalent sound absorbing material, and the batting.  The fabric wall covering (at least on the walls) will wait until after the carpet is installed.  The fabric on the soffits may go up before then, since there's little chance the installers could hurt that fabric (I would hope!).

In the first shot, note that the door has furring strips, it will be treated like the wall.  Also, the panel in the middle there is the bottom of the hush box.  Note that the columns don't touch the soffits because the bottom of the soffit will also have treatment on it, and then I may (probably) put moulding at the top of the columns to cover any remaining gap.