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The duct liner (acoustically absorbent) is going up, still have to do the bottoms of the soffits, the inside of the projector hush box, and the sides of the columns.  First shot shows the 100' roll of duct liner, ready to go.  The panel that you see in the center of the third shot is the bottom of the hush box.






Sigh...just waiting for carpet to get installed!  Oh, there's still lots of details to take care of, but I was ready for the carpet last Friday!  Too bad they couldn't come until 7/16.  So, I'm getting some things done on the outside, including setting up the rack.  It's still empty, but at least it's now in position, along with the supplemental rack on top of it.  Also here is a shot of what the inside of the HT looks like at the moment.





Carpet installation...first shot shows the padding, which they glued on the edges - it is synthetic rubber, the best padding they had.  Second shot shows the stair lights lit up on the completed carpet.  Next comes wall fabric.  Special thanks to Doug and Rishad, who helped carry the screen and the subwoofer downstairs!  And special thanks also to Dallas and Craig, who are coming to help put up the wall fabric!



Okay, okay, here are some new heading is from when the pictures were taken - I've just been so busy working on it that I haven't had a chance to update the site!  So, here they are...

Ever see the old move "The Monolith Monsters"?  That's what these shots remind me of...the giant columns that grew and grew until they fell over.  Anyway, these shots show the columns getting ready to put fabric up, I had to move them out of the way for stapling purposes...first shot shows the underneath of the soffit also, with the fabric half up - attached to the back first, then wrapped up and over the top of the soffit front, stapled on top.  Second shot shows the columns, with the ones that are not wired laying on the floor.  Third shot is looking toward the back.