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The Chronicle of our Home Theaters


Some shots of actual fabric going up, on the columns at least...first shot shows how I tilted the columns up into position without ripping the fabric on the bottom of the soffit!  Second shot shows some detail of how the columns fit up to the walls.  Third shot is kind of dark, but it shows the sconces up, fabric on the walls.






Finally, chairs are going in, and screen is going up!  Thanks to Craig for his help with the chairs, and thanks to Josh, Doug, Rishad, Linda C., and Craig for their help with the fabric, too!







And finally, here are some final shots...I had to bring in the halogen to get lighting for these shots, so you can see things that you don't see under normal light, like the furring strips behind the fabric.  That is not at all visible under normal lighting conditions.  Note that the back row has foot rests this time - I wanted my 2nd row guests to be more comfortable!  Also, those are berkline 094's in the front row, with built-in tables and motorized recline.  The second-to-last shot shows the sound sign that I brought from the last HT, which I'll probably hang on the wall under the projector when I get a chance.  The final shot shows the display area for the Star Wars Lego kits, including the 3000+ piece Star Destroyer.

In conclusion...I still have the moulding to put up in the room, but the HT is fully functional!  And a final note, when I put up the fabric, I went through just over 14,000 staples...thank goodness for electric staplers!