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The Chronicle of our Home Theaters

In The Beginning...

Here's that new picture that Michael promised...he's holding a folder containing our new house plans!




Yep, we're building a new house...which also means we'll be building a new home theatre!  Hey Todd and David - are you ready??  Stay tuned for that construction story, sometime after we move in...meanwhile, I'll post pictures here of the construction of the house as it progresses...




Footings are in...


We have some progress!  The forms for the basement walls are up.  As you can see in the shot with the workers in it, the walls do look like they'll be 10 feet high!   The basement floor looks like it'll be about 12" higher up from where the guys are standing in the shot, in the fourth shot down.

North side (back of the house, the bumpout here is for the fireplace):


East side of the house:


South side (front of the house, the rectangle there is the front porch):


Finally, the view from the west side of the house, with the workers in the shot for scale:



Here we have some of the forms off.  They say it took 8 cement truck loads to pour these walls.  Note the egress window and the 2 "slots" for the glass block windows in the second picture.


Now the forms are gone, and they have put in the drain tile along the outside of the basement walls.  The first shot shows the drain tile (the black pipe, which has holes in it but is mesh-covered to allow water in but keep dirt out).  It looks like they've put weights on the drain tile to keep it from moving when this is backfilled.  Also, it appears they filled the rod holes with what looks like Great Stuff, that insulation spray in a can.

The next shot shows the drain tile on the other side of the house; under the egress window, you can see where it enters the basement (it'll be under the eventual floor, which will get poured on top of that footing) to go to the sump pump.  Also, you can see here the insulation panels that they'll be installing on the outside of the walls.

This last shot is a view inside, where you can see 2 black pipes in the footings, those are 2 more of the places where the drain tile pipe enters to go to the sump.