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The Chronicle of our Home Theaters


Now the waterproof coating and the insulation panels are up.  In the second picture, they are inside the foundation for the porch.




Most of the backfill is now done.  As you see, the dirt just goes right up to the insulation.  According to the installer's web site, the insulation helps to channel the water down to the drain tile, and has an R-value of 10.  They've also delivered the TJI's (named after one of the first manufacturers of them, Truss Joist International), which are the wood i-beams that we'll be using as the first and second floor joists, which allowed us to get rid of some of the basement poles.


Here's a view of our house from the house across the street.



Now we have sump and drain lines.  The first three shots all show the corner where the water line comes into the house, the main drain goes out of the house, and the location of the 2-piece plumbing for the basement 1/2 bath (closest to the wall with the egress window, in the corner - the pipes to the right of the egress window are where the water heater and furnace will be).  The fourth shot is looking into where the home theatre will be, and the last shot shows the sump pump.